Åsa Bharathi Larsson spikar sin avhandling "Colonizing Fever - Race and Media Cultures in Late Nineteenth Century Sweden".

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År 2018
  • Seminarium | ti 16 okt 2018, 13:15–15:00

    Gästforskarbesök: Mark Ian Jones - phd text clinic

    Mark Ian Jones is an Australian architect and design scholar from the Faculty of Art and Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney. Currently, he is Deputy Head of the Design School and has long nursed a research interest in Swedish topics due to the remarkable impact that Swedish design has had in Australia. His dissertation Vicke Lindstrand On the Periphery was published in 2016.

    This research interrogates narrative and rhetoric, myths and nation-building in the international reception of Swedish and Scandinavian design. His particular focus has been on the peripheral Swedish designer, Vicke Lindstrand, and the perceptions and reception of his work and career between 1950 and 1973. It is among other a critical ANT inquiry into the role that networks played in the career of the designer and how he fared in the rather constrained Swedish environment. 

    An emerging area of Jones' research is innovation driven-by-design. His work with Otherness and Swedishness and the construction of Scandinavian design identity informs his research trajectory through the lens of nation building through design-driven innovation. It examines the role of design as representative of innovation and the means through which innovation is made visible in Sweden and Scandinavia and is understood as a particular strand of ‘Swedishness’. It is a unique study of the social role of artifacts as ambassadors in the building of a recognized and much-admired national design identity. The first of these studies was on the innovative Swedish designer Gunnar Nylund. 

    At the up-coming Nordik concerence in Copenhagen he will present the paper: Nordic Myths Down Under. The Australian Design in the Scandinavia Exhibition of 1968. This paper examines innovation and meaning communicated in discourses and objects included in the exhibition as Nordic ambassadors, surrounding the 1968-69 Australian touring exhibition Design in Scandinavia, as a means of educating taste in Australia. It further examines the struggle between the educational agendas of the Australian art galleries hosting the exhibition against Nordic efforts in nation branding complicated by the commercial interests of Australian importers.

    Plats: Eng2/1023

  • ti 23 okt 2018

    Inställt pga Nordik denna vecka

  • Gästföreläsning | ti 30 okt 2018, 13:15–15:00

    Wanda Verster: Institutional Thresholds as Design Engagement: University Campus as Catalyst for Transformative Design.


    Wanda Verster is an Architect and a PhD Student at Bloemfontain University, South Africa. She studies institutions and art galleries with focus on the threshold as a material object and a theoretical concept.

    Plats: Eng2/1023

  • KIV | må 5 nov 2018, 19:00–21:00

    Wanda Verster: Urban and Rural Dynamics. Thaba N'Chu and Bloemfontein dealing with apartheid planning in Democratic South Africa

    Plats: Humanistiska teatern Eng park

  • Seminarium | må 12 nov 2018, 13:15–15:00

    OBS Veckodagen! Metodseminarium: digitala verktyg för analys och tolkning (Cecilia Anéer / Eva Sandgren)

    Plats: Eng2/1023

White Drops – Clarence H. White, 1908.
"Drops of Rain", Clarence H. White, Camera Work, No 23 1908.