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The Nordic-Baltic Network of Engerneering

The network cooperates within themes of technology with partners in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Åland Islands and Finland. A specific theme within the network covers the topic sustainable heritage.

Teachers students and specialists within the field of Construction Engineering and Conservation meet to focus on sustaining the built heritage in the Baltic Sea Region. Understanding of built heritage from different professional angles is promoted by bringing the different disciplines and cultures of the partners together.  Partners are invited to participate in each other’s regular activities. Additionally, intensive courses are organized regularly where hands-on experience and theory are combined to improve the knowledge about how traditional building techniques and craft can be applied and combined with new technology.  Internationalization is also achieved through internship and work placement, teacher and student exchange and joint projects.

Our partnership has developed over the past 20 years with Uppsala university, Estonian Academy of Arts, Åland University of Applied Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Ostfold University College, Vilniaus University of Applied Sciences, Estonian Open Air Museum Foundation, Pallas University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences.

Students, teachers and specialists within the network can apply for mobility grants in order to facilitate continued internationalization and cooperation.

Some 20 intensive courses have been held. Some of the most recent are:

  • Sustainable Management and Change of Historic Buildings
  • Traditional window preservation – heritage, craftsmanship and energy efficiency
  • Traditional Methods for Making Pine Tar
  • Instruments for Monitoring Old Structures
  • Traditional Wooden Structures
  • Investigation and Conservation of Decorative Surfaces in Historic Interiors

Coordinating partner is Novia University of Applied Sciences, contact person is Towe Andersson towe.andersson@novia.fi. Contact person for Uppsala University is Petra Eriksson petra.eriksson@konstvet.uu.se.

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